Batteries for Your Car

When it comes to car batteries in Tauranga, nobody has your back like the specialists at Tyre Express Tauranga.

We understand that whenever you drive down to our shop, we know it’s more than just a problem with wheels and tyres. Most of the time, you will also require other things, such as wheel alignment, servicing, and maintenance. This is why we offer a range of car parts and accessories that help get and keep you on the road safely.

Powering Your Car

We offer premium quality car batteries in Tauranga at prices others can’t beat. Whether you drive a car or a truck, you use it for casual driving or long-haul travels, we have the right products that can power up your vehicle with ease. 

Our team carries out testing and charging services to check if your battery is simply drained or if it really needs replacement. If you do need a new one, our specialists will be there to assist you with finding the right battery ideal for your vehicle and driving needs. Whether the need is for dependability in extreme weather conditions, power for multiple electronics and accessories, or energy for extreme performance, we can handle it.

At Tyre Express Tauranga, we know the right battery makes a world of difference. We don’t just sell batteries, we make sure you get the right one for your car. We stock only high-quality products, most of which are from today’s top brands.

Talk to one of our specialists today and make the right choice for great quality car batteries in Tauranga. 
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