Fuel Efficient Tyres

Tyres for Fuel Efficiency

The tyres are probably the last thing you will think of when it comes to improving your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, but it is actually a big factor — responsible for 20% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption, according to statistics. They may all look the same, but how these perform on the road greatly affects fuel consumption.

Driving Safely, More Efficiently

Tyre Express Tauranga is here to help you get the most of your car’s fuel performance. We offer a range of fuel efficient tyres that deliver both on safety and fuel efficiency.
When you work with us, you save on money without compromising quality and value. Much like the other products featured in our inventory, our fuel efficient tyres are available at competitive prices, so you get value on both your purchase and driving. You can save on fuel by as much as 7%, or about 15 cents per litre.

Not only will you save money, you will also contribute to saving the environment as reduced fuel consumption means reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

The Difference in Efficiency

Fuel efficiency when it comes to tyres comes down to rolling resistance, or the force resisting the motion of the tyre rolls on a surface. The lower the rolling resistance, the lesser the force needed to turn the wheels, and thus, less fuel is consumed. The special design in the rubber’s manufacturing and treads also add to its safety features. 

Tyre Express Tauranga is your trusted provider of fuel efficient tyres in Tauranga. Simply give us a call or visit our shop to place an order or to know more about these tyres.
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