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Tauranga's 1st choice tyre service

Tyre Express Tauranga is the #1 choice for everything tyres and wheels in Tauranga. We provide a range of top quality products and premium services at the right prices.

Our team of professionals give your ride the performance and style that you can only get with the right rims and tyres. When it comes to tyres, wheels, and all related accessories, trust that we give you only the best. Trust us to also provide you with wheel installation, balancing, and servicing works that you can always count on.
Tyre fixed by our tyre service in Tauranga


Tyre Express Tauranga stocks tyres, wheels, and other products from today’s top brands at competitive prices. Our products are available in different styles and functions, including high-performance and racing tyres, as well as ones for everyday driving. We also service heavier vehicles.

Drop by our shop today and see our complete range of tyre solutions.


When it comes to precision wheels and rims, we’re the guys to call. We have a comprehensive selection that covers all popular tyre sizes. Our shop also creates custom rims and offers classic mags and a high performance range for enthusiasts.


Let our team of tyre service specialists in Mt. Maunganui take care of your wheels. We offer:
  • Tyre and wheel installation
  • Wheel alignment
  • Suspension and brake servicing
We can also provide advice if you need assistance deciding which tyre or rim is right for you. 

Tyre and Wheel Installation

After choosing the right wheel for your vehicle, we will gladly do the work and install it for you to ensure it fits properly.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is ideal whenever new tires or suspension components are installed, or when you sense your vehicle is out of alignment. Our team will ensure your wheels are in line for minimal tire wear and optimal handling.

Suspension and Brake Servicing

Our team can also service your brakes and suspension system to ensure these are in tiptop shape. We also provide the relevant products to keep your steering precise and your ride smooth and safe.

Call our shop today for assistance in choosing the right rim or tire and for more information about our services.
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