Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Services

Proper tyre alignment helps your tyres perform better and last longer. It also improves fuel efficiency and gives you better control of the vehicle. That’s where Tyre Express Tauranga leads the pack.

We provide top-notch wheel alignment services in Tauranga performed only by certified technicians. Our specialists can check your vehicle to make sure tyres are running on the correct path.

Straight to Safety

We understand that potholes, speed bumps, kerbs, and other rough road surfaces do not just make for a bumpy ride, these can also affect your wheel’s alignment. These can cause uneven wear on the rubber and could make it feel like your vehicle is ‘pulling’ to one side. 

Our professional wheel alignment services provide optimal tire wear conditions and better vehicle handling. Our alignment specialist measures and corrects wheel angles, making sure these are set according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

The service also:
  • Ensures weight is properly displaced around all tyres and rim assemblies
  • Inspects steering and suspension systems for alignment and maintenance issues
  • Adjusts wheel angles to ensure these are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground.
We recommend getting a wheel alignment at least once a year, or:
  • After installation of a new set of wheels
  • Following a collision or accident
  • After replacement of suspension or steering parts
  • If you sense the vehicle is ‘pulling’ to one side when driving
  • If steering wheel has a vibration or feels unstable
  • If the tyres are wearing out unevenly or squeal on turns
Whenever you need professional wheel alignment in Tauranga, don’t hesitate to call Tyre Express Tauranga. Our technicians are always on hand to assist you with every need.

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